Frozen freight - ThermoSafe 60 TS

The freezer roller shutter door with outstanding insulating properties

The door has achieved best-of-class status in the market due to extensive technical improvements.

The 70% shorter installation time and the greatly simplified service are unique for insulated roller shutter doors. The insulation is greatly improved by the thermally insulated panels, and health & safety is assured by a hinge system based on the reliable TrainPlus® SK.



  • The integral aluminum sections instead of the typical plastic sections mean greater stability.

Reduced assembly time and adjustment

  • The door can be assembled much quicker because of the hinges embedded in the panels. The system is based on the proven technology used in the dry freight roller shutter door TrainPlus® SK.
  • Installing the door for the first time and any repair work are greatly facilitated by means of the adjustable rollers.

TIR lock with no spring, can be retightened


Easy to repair on site

  • Panels and rollers can easily be replaced without drilling.



  • The roller shutter door can be connected to the truck's telemetrics with the EasyLift electric drive via the CAN bus system link.
  • The ThermoSafe 60 TS is also available with the electric drive EasyLift combined with a spring shaft.
  • Painting in color of choice



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