Dry Freight TrainPlus® SK

…a perfect example of safety and ease of repair

New standards in shutter door design have been set with the further development of the successful model TrainPlus®.

We have become the market leader in roller shutter doors for dry freight with a market share of over 80 % in Europe. The focus was on improving the TrainPlus® SK roller shutter. The user gets what he expects: a high-quality and reliable product with a long service life, short downtimes for repairs and a very robust design coupled with a high degree of running smoothness.


Visible in the following details:

Replaceable hybrid rollers

  • The maintenance-free hybrid rollers move in profiles that are screwed to the overall profile. Replacement is possible at any time without dismantling the roller shutter and is simply done by loosening DIN screws.
  • No milling or other mechanical work is necessary.


Spring fracture safety with pre-tensioned spring shaft

TIR lock without spring, retightenable


Easy to repair on site

  • Without removing the swap body from the transport chain, any damaged seals, rollers or entire panels can simply be replaced on site, as they are only positively inserted.
  • No riveted joints need to be loosened, only few spare parts are required.

Compatibility with previous versions

  • The panels of all TrainPlus® versions can be combined with each other.



  • Upon request, the TrainPlus® SK is available with the EasyLift electric drive, as well as with both EasyLift electric drive combined with spring shaft.
  • The roller shutter door can be connected to the truck's telemetrics with the EasyLift electric drive via the CAN bus system link.
  • Painting in colour of choice


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