WIHAG – Curtainsider-Kit

Stunning the number of variations!

  • Approved as per DIN EN 12642 Code XL for up to 27 metric tons payload, up to 13.6 m platform length and 3.0 m inside height
  • Perfect for all applications, trucks, trailers, semi-trailers and through loading systems
  • Significant weight savings through consistent use of aluminum components
  • Practically fully pre-assembled (front end wall, sliding pillars, tail posts with door hinges or tail lift preparation, flap over tail lift)
  • Shipped as standard with our best rear door model SW3 / AL3
  • Stable roof straps with extra smooth sliding roofs


  • Fittings for lifting roof WIHAG Hydra top max. 500 mm lift, also for 2 driving positions, with or without smooth through-loading at solid walls
  • Preparations for tail lift with indicators, seal, projection  on loading area, stop blocks for cylinders and with adjustable transport flap for tarpaulin on top
  • Multiple tarpaulin designs available, also fixed tarpaulin cover, with or without inclined roof bows
  • Tarpaulin tops – can be opened in both directions
  • Drop sides in all common designs. Options: with drop-side lifting aids, tie rods, hinged steps and LASI tracks
  • Can be combined with WIHAG base frame MS
  • Tightening the side tarpaulin with WIHAG VA ratchet tensioner, gear unit 40 mm or single lever-quick tensioner (semi-trailer front end wall)
  • Gloss painting in RAL colour of choice or OEM colour



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